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Cuando Hosted Applications & Vehicle Inspection Planner

We will soon be launching our Vehicle and Workshop Planner application as a stand-alone package. There will be two ways to use the package, either as site deployed with Cuando server(s) on your network, or as a Cuando Hosted Web Application.
Normally, to run Cuando applications you need to have at least one of our servers to store the database and applications. If we are providing our secure mail services, then you'd also have our Firewall server too.
Our Hosted Applications gives you the opportunity to try our systems in a fully functional way, quickly and easily. If you like what you see, you can continue to let us host your apps and data, or you may want it to provide a bespoke solution in your business.
Cuando Hosted Applications
Cuando Hosted
Vehicle Inspection Planner

If you have a fleet of vehicles, large or small, we can help you manage them and keep track of important inspections, vehicle checks and repair schedules with our Vehicle Inspection Planner application (VIP).

Load details of your fleet into the Amedida database, which can include wagons, trailers, plant equipment, company cars and whatever else you need, then set the frequencies of the events you want (such as M.O.T.'s, Vosa inspections etc) and the planner will schedule recurring events for you to manage via the web application.

To find out more, for pricing and availability of our Cuando Hosted Applications, please get in touch via our contact page.

Email Distribution Lists

The Email Distribution List application for Amedida allows users to create and manage lists that integrate seamlessly with the Cuando mail server, making it easy to create centralised email groups.

EDL can also be used to manage who receives Amedida application output and scheduled reports quickly and easily.

For more information see the following PDF document.

Email Distribution Lists PDF Email Distribution Lists PDF

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