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We understand that setting up an office I.T infrastructure can be a headache and a money pit. It can take a lot of effort to keep file servers up and running, and the costs of buying PC's and licensing all the software can quickly mount up. Then there's the problem of staying up-to-date, replacing old kit and protecting against risks and on-line threats.

Avoid the headaches and needless expense, let Cuando setup your network.

Cuando do things a bit differently to the generally accepted norm. We don't believe you need to pay through the nose for the same things 'everybody else' does. The majority of customer sites we support do not have or need their own I.T departments, we provide remote administration and support.

For us it's all about high reliability, dependability, minimum fuss and at the same time, avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

At the heart of a typical Cuando installation is our Linux servers. We use Centos Linux, an open-source enterprise level operating system that benefits from security, stability and long term product support, so you don't need to worry about big disruptive changes and high replacement costs.

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Usually we deploy two servers, consisting of a firewall server and an applications server. Our solutions to date have typically been in environments with around 50 users, sometimes with staff in multiple satellite sites or home offices. What we provide can be easily scaled to suit fewer or more users.

Firewall server responsible for; Intruder monitoring, web filtering and access, mail server and anti-virus, remote access.

Applications server providing; Thin-client desktops, database applications including our own Amedida suite, file and print services, Intranet facilities and backup management.

Hassle free affordable desktops for all!

We believe that thin-client desktops offer the right balance of performance and functionality whilst keeping deployment and maintenance as simple as possible.

Thin Clients

Thin-clients are simple computers without hard drives, the main operating system and applications are provided by the applications server over the network. This is great for keeping costs down and eliminating laborious desktop support. If a users desktop breaks, simply switch in a replacement thin-client and they are back up and running, without any further set-up time.

What can you do with the thin-client? Anything you need to. E-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, browsing the web, working on the business database.

Should you need PC's or Macs for specialist applications, or you want to still use your Windows laptops, they will fit right in on the network and will still get the benefits such as virus checked emails and file storage and our firewall will keep all the nasty malware at arms length.

Do you want to securely access your email on your tablet or smartphone, or need a simple method of accessing your desktop at home or on the road? No problem, we've got that covered too.

This all sounds fabulous...

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