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We provide software systems built using the IBM Informix database and development tools, enabling fast and flexible production of applications suitable for demanding situations in all parts of your business.

Informix is an excellent database product that performs extremely well in mission critical environments with high availability and yet minimal administration characteristics. For us and our clients this makes Informix fit perfectly as it allows getting the most done with the minimum fuss.

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We use Informix on a 64-bit Linux server platform. The high reliability of Linux paired with Informix results in a system that keeps down time to an absolute minimum.

We develop the majority of our software using IBM Informix 4GL tools. This enables us to produce high quality, high performance applications that are suited to rapidly changing production environments.

With Informix 4GL tools we can use our time more effectively on implementing your business logic rather than on overly complex application environments. Our method of integrating Informix with open source Linux allows us to be incredibly innovative in our approach to solving problems, there's always something we can do others may not have thought possible.

There's so many examples of the applications we have developed using the power and flexibility of our Informix & Linux solution, you really have to ask what we can do for you.

We do the things others don't think possible.

Here's just a few things we've done that save our clients serious time and effort.

Sample 4GL Application

Our applications are not just limited to running in character mode. We have developed Cuando WebService that allows us to provide a web front-end, providing users with even more options. This has led to the development of intranet dashboard reports and advanced data acquisition applications, involving images and attachments.

Sample Web Application

Find out how Cuando can revolutionize your business.

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