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Amedida is the name of our business ERP system. We don't mind how you pronounce it, we just want you to know how good we think it is.

Our Amedida suite has been deployed over a wide range of manufacturing industries. We are able to do this by developing core modules that generally suite any business and by our specialised bespoke service, tailoring our product to our customers exacting specifications.

Amedida has become something of a star in the Animal Feeds sector. We have developed extensive modules to perform in all areas of the animal feed manufacturing process.

Amedida Modules

Contract Management ↑Click for more info

Contract management for Sales and Purchases.

With the sales contract module you can record and monitor agreed contracts with customers. Enquiries and reports provide usage information for pending and completed deliveries against contracts. Contracts can be created on the system that require approval from management before they are made available for use. Sales contracts can be forward or spot, and the sales ordering module can be instructed to create spot contracts for qualifying loads if required.

On the purchase contract side, support is provided for commission due and self billing invoicing. Contracts can be invoiced before or after delivery, or can be specified to monitor only with no invoicing taking place. Contracts can be easily extended with the option of selecting full or half month interval positions.

Using the future material requirements application it is possible to predict contract requirements over the coming year by examining current contracts, together with the previous years sales broken down by formulation, with an optional percentage adjustment factor for each product analysis category.

Customer Relationship Management ↑Click for more info

The Customer Relationship Management module is designed so you can keep a close eye on your customers and prospects in a clear and concise manner.

A wide variety of customer information is readily available for interrogation and reporting.

Customer accounts can be easily linked and grouped and can be assigned to one or more sales representatives.

Multiple sets of contact details can be recorded and allocated for different purposes. A comprehensive action based complaints system is available to manage any problems your customers may experience with any part of your business.

Using our extensive customer notes application any permitted employee can quickly get up to speed with a customers full history with the company.

Our market research application allows the building of in-depth knowledge of customers needs and habits and is a real aid to sales development.

Document Management ↑Click for more info

The Amedida Document Management module is a centralised repository of business documents and information.

System reports can be set to archive into the document manager, including month end accounting information.

When used in conjunction with our email server, document attachments can be automatically removed from incoming emails and deposited in the document manager without requiring operator intervention. For example supplier invoices can be handled in this manner and the invoices made available to the invoice registration program.

Each document is date stamped and assigned a unique id, bar-coded labels can be printed on adhesive thermal labels for manually adding paper documents to the manager. Networked scanners can then send the document to the server.

Documents can be recalled directly within screen enquiries or by searching using our Intranet application. Access to documents can be controlled using our Facility Checking module.

Facility Checking ↑Click for more info

The Amedida Facility Checking module provides a simple and secure method of controlling user access and permissions across the system.

System administrators and managers can grant or deny access to single or group of applications.

When creating new user accounts, access rights and permissions can be copied and pasted from existing users to provide the same level of access.

Where an application features different levels of operation, facility checking can be used to maintain who is allowed to perform specific tasks within the application.

Facility checking provides enquiry tools to quickly determine what a user is able to do within the system, and the main application menu can be run as that user for testing purposes.

Financial Ledgers ↑Click for more info

Financial Ledgers is a core Amedida module which provides multi-currency ledger processing and reporting.

Applications exist for the operation of sales, purchase and nominal ledgers.

Cash postings can be handled manually or automatically allocated against invoices. A range of manual postings can be made to the sales ledger , such as cash, credits, discounts, invoices and write-offs. The creation of BACS files is supported for the collection of payments by direct debit. Sales ledger enquiries and reports include aged debt analysis, cash-flow predictions, account enquiry and statements.

A sophisticated document queuing application is available for grouping invoices, statements and other relevant documents so they can be printed ready for an envelope stuffing machine.

Payments of supplier invoices from the purchase ledger can be made based on due dates, manual selection or payment on account. Raw material invoices can be allocated to purchase contracts or to loads. Purchase orders that have been actioned as goods received can be matched to purchase invoices.

Manual journalling to the nominal can be undertaken with reverse entries automatically applied for accruals and prepayments. Opening stocks are automatically applied for closing stock journals. Recurring journals of varying frequency can be created and applied. Nominal Ledger enquiries and reports include trial balance, VAT returns, Intrastat, P&L and balance sheet and costs by department.

Fixed Assets ↑Click for more info

A complete asset management solution.

Maintain an asset register by group, such as Office Equipment, Vehicles, Plant etc. Manage assets by main and sub asset codes. Assign cost centre and expense codes to asset and the system will calculate the depreciation and update the nominal ledgers over the specified life of the asset. Asset movement reporting is available to track depreciation across the register.

Formulations ↑Click for more info

The formulations module offers a central repository of all formulations with full version control and links to production systems.

New formulations can be created by importing the output from least cost mix software, or by using the Cuando Natural Blend application, that allows custom blends from a permitted set of raw materials with tailored inclusion levels. Provisional formulations can exist that can be used for costing trials that do not transfer to the process control system and can be converted to live formulations if required.

A formulation can be examined, showing any previous versions along with a narrative describing the reason for change. Full analysis can be recorded against each formulation with the capability to apply masks to suppress the declaration of specific nutrients.

Raw material price sets can be maintained and exported back to third party costing software if required.

Human Resources ↑Click for more info

The Human Resources module provides applications to maintain employee working hours and leave entitlement.

Employee records a grouped into department structures and can specify if an employee managers others. System login name is allocated to an employee record so name and department details are available across the system to any application. HR applications are controlled with Facility Checking to determine who can see and change information. Employees can make leave requests on the system to be reviewed by their line managers. A browser based calendar application shows all booked leave by department.

Labelling ↑Click for more info

The labelling and composition of animal feeds is governed by complex legislation. The Amedida Labelling module provides the necessary tools to generate correct and concise labels with the appropriate declarations.

Label sentences can be defined for raw materials and finished products using a product template organisation.

The sentences can relate to product usage instructions and feeding characteristics such as which livestock a product is suitable for and which products should not be used for particular livestock.

Analytical constituents and composition are automatically calculated using the current product formulation. Additives in the form of vitamins and trace elements are included from the product specification.

Packing labels for bagged products are automatically produced when requested by the link to the production control system. Product labels can also be generated as PDF documents and emailed to the user.

Laboratory Analysis ↑Click for more info

The quality control of materials through all stages of manufacturing are maintained with the Laboratory Analysis module.

Lab sample results are captured for every production run batch or raw material receipt.

Results data can be read from NIR scanners to avoid manual data entry and verified against analysis specifications maintained as part of the product set up.

Exception reporting and lab sample analysis enquiries are available, query by batch, load number or product references. Key performance indicator reports are available to show lab efficiency in recording samples of batches.

Conformance certificates can be generated to customers specifications highlighting the pertinent lab tests performed and their results.

Marketing ↑Click for more info

The Marketing module provides the tools for managed marketing campaigns by Email/SMS/Post.

Amedida provides support for a number of different Email campaigns. Newsletters and product flyers can be sent by email to identified customers. Mailing lists can be generated by selecting customers using a range of sales criteria. For maximum flexibility, Email lists are made available to email client software on systems running a Cuando email server, allowing staff to target emails to specific groups of customers.

Marketing events are logged and follow-up actions can be assigned to sales representatives.

Targeted SMS message campaigns can be carried out directly from Amedida to customers based on sales data such as rep, area, last sales date and herd types. Number of recipients and campaign cost is provided before transmission.

A comprehensive database of customers and prospects can be constructed with our Market Research application. Geographic markers and contact preferences can be recorded along with a detailed breakdown of the customers business activity in terms of herd types, sizes and suppliers.

Purchase Ordering ↑Click for more info

The Purchase Ordering module provides a simple and effective method of controlling purchases within your business.

Our Facility Checking module is used to determine who is able to create new orders.

For simplicity and consistency when placing orders, items are maintained across departmental catalogues.

Orders can be raised and kept in a pending state until needed, allowing for changes to the order before it is made live.

Purchase order documents can be emailed direct to the supplier or the PDF documents may be printed for postage.

Purchase orders are automatically raised for bought in products that are delivered into stock or straight to the customer.

Reports are available to track orders not received and orders received but not invoiced.

Orders are matched against supplier invoices in our invoice registration application from the Financial Ledgers module, providing the goods have been recorded as received using the goods receipt application. To simplify nominal analysis, order items are allocated to cost centres and expense codes at the time the purchase order is raised.

Sales Order Processing ↑Click for more info

Sales orders can be entered as part of the Telesales function, or repeat orders can be placed by the customer using an on-line account portal.

Provisional orders can be created and provisional order documentation produced, pending action from accounts who can accept or reject the order.

Orders can be raised taking into account a vast array of order types, pricing policies, haulage zones, bulk or bag delivery surcharges and discounts.

The production system can be notified of expected bulk out-loading, packing orders can be created for bagged items and order cards can be printed automatically and emailed to the assigned carrier if required.

Stock Control ↑Click for more info

Stock Control is a core module geared to ensuring full traceability and high speed analysis.

All stock movement transactions are logged in detail throughout the product life-cycle. The details of bulk intake, production runs, bagging and out-loading are handled via our process control linkage system.

The receipt of raw materials and product despatches are recorded using our Weighbridge control application.

Stock-take can be performed at any point in time as can querying the stock position and valuation.

Our traceability enquiry application can work from a load number and explode details of all production run usage, sales orders, packing orders, stock-take adjustments and further manufacturing processes for a full picture of a raw materials exposure to the business.

Likewise, the same level of detail can be tracked for a sales order number, working back through production and raw material history to inform who else received product from the same batches and what was contained within them.

Telesales ↑Click for more info

The Telesales module builds on the marketing capabilities of the Amedida system to provide a telephone based sales solution.

Managers can allocate customer accounts to sales representatives, who then work from a detailed action plan to schedule and record their calls and sales.

The action plan is constructed by the sales representative, line managers and directly from the system. Order forecasting applications running in the background analyse customer buying patterns and usage requirements and place order due reminders in the appropriate representatives action plan.

Sales representatives and line managers can set their sales budget for the forthcoming year by geographical area, customer account or total prospective business levels.

Representatives have detailed enquiries and reports at their disposal to view their own sales performance against previous years sales and budget data.

Line managers can view the performance of representatives sales at the team or individual level and track new or lost business over the course of the financial year.

Transport & Logistics ↑Click for more info

The Transport & Logistics module is designed to provide effective fleet management and delivery scheduling for orders in bulk or in bags.

Delivery schedules can be created for vehicles in the fleet or external vehicles.

The number of and order of drops, and the details of the sales orders on each drop can be sent to devices within each vehicle.

Key performance indicator reports on delivery history show the total orders and those delivered on time and in full.

Daily delivery reports give a breakdown of all goods in and out by vehicle and daily usage targets can be set for a vehicle and compared to the average tonnage in a given month.

Warehouse Pallets ↑Click for more info

The Amedida Warehouse module manages the creation, usage, transfer and storage of palletised items.

Can work with bar-coded pallets from third parties or through the creation of pallets either automatically during the production process or manually using our create pallet application.

Uses location codes to map out available racking and picking zones. All movements between locations are logged for traceability.

Picking application can create a picking list for one or more orders using multiple picking strategies and can be used either as a guided pick on a RDT device, or to produce a location ordered picking report.

Supports various stock condition states for example receipt on hold, which blocks the goods from being used in the system until laboratory clearance has been given.

Record the transfer of pallets between sites with create and receive shunt applications. Re-locate, check and notify quantities and location codes using RDT devices.

Bar-coded labels produced during production with the option to print labels in any required format for customer specific labelling requirements.

Comprehensive reporting and enquiries are available showing stock levels in warehouse locations or across multiple sites.

Reports for comparing theoretical figures from warehouse values to actuals recorded during stock-take. Notify stock-take application can work to all locations or randomised sample of locations.

Website Integration ↑Click for more info

Cuando can design and build your website and integrate it within the Amedida system.

We have developed a secure web service that can be used to create a live customer portal on your website.

You can give your customers the ability to view their account balance, view or download invoices and statements and create repeat orders, all from within a secure controlled area of the website. Amedida applications exist to maintain the web service and user membership. All on-line actions are logged and activity reports are available to monitor all aspects of the portals usage.

We provide tools to create and maintain an on-line product catalogue searchable by a wide range of criteria. You can quickly specify which products from the database will be available to the website catalogue and assign images to each product or category using our Intranet applications.

Intranet Applications ↑Click for more info

Cuando Intranet Applications extend the Amedida system by providing applications that run in a web browser and are powered by the same database and business logic as our regular applications.

Access to Intranet Applications is controlled through our Facility Checking module to ensure employees cannot view or manipulate information outside of their job description.

Drill-down reporting and graphical charting of sales data, production details and other key business indicators are available.

A website tools module provides the means to maintain an on-line product catalogue with images, that can be integrated into a website with updates published directly from the Amedida system.

Dedicated display panels can be used to show company messages for all or specific departments. Managers can add messages, indicate which business areas they are for and specify the duration to show the message.

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